Symptomatic Relief Diabetic Nerve Pain Naturally

Symptomatic Neuropathy Diabetic Nerve Pain

stop diabetic nerve pain neuropathyIt is estimated that 20-30 Million Americans Suffer From Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and these numbers can be low because people cannot afford the treatment they need or want a natural relief for the nerve pain. The excruciating pain is typically treated by medication that brings side affects leaving patients feeling even worse as they deteriorate.

When You Just Can’t Describe the Pain

Only you know you pain keeps you awake at night, stops you from doing what you once did and what hurts even more is because it cannot be seen, people think your complaining and using it as an excuse not to work or to participate in life. You can’t describe the pain because, it is something you have to experience to know, and to be honest its not worth trying to.

Stop the Pain!

What Causes the Neuropathy Nerve Pain in Diabetics

Without getting into complex medical explanations, the nerve pain is caused by a combination of factors, such as high blood glucose, abnormal blood fat levels, possibly low levels of insulin and neurovascular factors, leading to damage to the blood vessels. Lack of oxygen shrinks the pathways constricting the blood vessels leaving the nerves exposed to excruciating pain. It’s like having a tooth that need repair, when the nerve is exposed to the air, hot and cold it spikes and the pain radiates. You just can’t tell where its coming from.

Diabetic Nerve Pain Stops You in Your Tracks

You can’t sleep, the pain wakes you, you’re legs are restless, you can’t sit, stand, you want to move to relieve the pain, but nothing seems to work. Besides the physical pain, there is an emotional toll, pain brings impatience, frustration, anger and reactions you would not normally have. This isn’t you, and those who are around you don’t understand because they can’t.

My father suffered with all of these symptoms, it was so hard to watch, I could see his pain, but what I noticed what he stopped doing and how is mood changed. He spoke of all of the things he wanted to do, travel, enjoy walking and visiting but instead I watched him withdraw. He was on nerve pain medication, yet I didn’t notice relief, instead I noticed more trips to the bathroom, loss of appetite and short temper. This was not the person I knew, so I began my research. As an advocate of natural wellness I came across something for diabetic nerve pain, but desperate to help him, yet always the skeptic I ordered it. He was resistant at first as he is old school, and follows the Dr’s orders, but it wasn’t working. So I gave him the information, along with asking him a  promise to commit to use it, trust the process and see what he noticed.

I ask you to do the same – Whenever there is a natural option try it. Try anything you can to relieve your diabetic nerve pain. It’s time to get back to life, life brings no guarantees, but my Dad is playing Pickle ball, sleeping and enjoying family time again. To learn more Click to Learn More About Nerve Damage Relief.

Other Things to Help Relieve Diabetic Neuropathy Nerve Pain

Gentle Yoga –

Gentle yoga helps stretch the the muscles, tones and helps open the pathways to take oxygen to damaged nerve ending – you may not feel like exercising bu yoga can be done form a chair, laying down and you work at your own pace.

Meditation –

Meditation relieves stress and anxiety exacerbated by pain. Bring your body back into balance relax your mind and notice how you will relieve you pain naturally and get a better nights sleep.

Be Well Naturally

***Note: Always talk to your Dr, never stop your medication unless under the supervision of your Dr.

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