Nutrition What to Eat for a Healthy Mind

What to Eat for Mind Health?  Nutrition for Focus And Brain Health

nutrition food for mind health

At sometime we’ve all heard you are what you eat, but it the message has been focused more around our physical health. Most people know if they eat junk we’ll gain weight, have poor skin and overall feel crappy. But what about what we eat for a healthy mind. Nutrition and mind brain health go hand in hand. But why is this such a neglected topic? Let’s talk about feeding our brain, because when we have a healthy mind we make better choices, and as a result make better decisions for our life

Nutrition for Mind Health

Its time to put the emphasis on nutrition for mind health, while we can cover up our physical self, with make up, clothes and a gym membership, we cannot easily fix our emotion or brain health issues. The brain needs certain foods for optimal performance or like your body there will become affected and not even realize what the root of the problem was.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Feed Your Mind

Mental health is still a mystery, its has many facets, various levels and manifests itself in many ways. There are some we cannot control, but we can do our part by providing our brain the very best nutrition and work towards prevention. Eating low nutritional value foods such as sugar, processed foods “junk” filled with dyes, chemicals and fillers can contribute to brain inflammation, chemical changes and disrupts brain function.  While there are deeper aspects to depression, and serious mental health issues, changing or eliminating certain food and adding others has been proven to help improve mind health.

What to Eat to Improve Mind Health 

Think natural, fresh non-packaged, unprocessed foods. Food your grandmother would have eaten. Foods rich in vitamins, and minerals, organic, all if the colors of the rainbow. While many of us are doing our best to eat fruits and vegetables, if they are loaded with chemicals, sprayed with toxins and genetically modified the chances are they can be doing more harm than good. These chemicals affect your entire body and can cause serious damage to the brain. Eating clean make take a little research and asking questions, but it time to eat right for your mind.

Here is a List of the Basic Foods You Need to Eat Daily –

Fruits and Vegetables – Organic brightly colored vegetables, leafy greens, berries for rich antioxidants, and fiber filled vegetables such as cauliflower. I love cauliflower in place of meat as a vegetarian option for my favorite curried pasta dish. roasted vegetables like beets, carrots or use in a stir fry with coconut oil or avocado oil. 

Whole Grains –  pasta and breads, unless you are gluten intolerant. Buy fresh grain breads, that only last a day as they were meant to be, if they have a shelf life then you are likely filled with preservatives and chemicals. 

Healthy Fats – Not all fats are created equally, your brain needs fat to function, if you eat fish, chose wild not farmed salmon.  Avocados, nut and cooking oils such as Virgin Olive Oil, coconut  and my favorite avocado oil.

Meat and Poultry – if you eat meat and poultry, opt for organic, free range. Meat and poultry are often kept in the worse conditions, the focus is in fast growth and to get animals to grow fast, hormones and steroids may be used ad antibiotics to counter act the infection and illness that are caused as a result of the conditions they are raised. Consider vegetarian options, there are so many great choices available.

Nuts, Beans and Seeds. Anything from almonds to peanuts will work. Think  walnuts for brain power, do you think they resemble a brain for a reason? Food for thought. Garbanzo beans and lentils are great choices too. Seeds give you vitamin E that supports age related cognitive decline.

Brain Heath Supplements

If you are not getting a healthy nutrition from food, vitamins and mineral supplements ate essential:

Vitamin E – Puritan’s Pride Vitamin E-1000 IU-100 Softgels

Vitamin B – VegLife Vegan B-Complex — 100 Tablets

Vitamin C – Bluebonnet Earth Sweet Vitamin C 500 mg Chewable Tablets, Orange, 180 Count

Complete Brain Health Supplements – 

Nutrition Quality Over Quantity for Body and Mind Health

Less is more, by habit we have come to over eat. Cut down your portion size and eat smaller meals and snacks more frequently. Plan weekly/daily. Make small packs preferably in glass containers.

Snack and mini meals ideas –

  • A handful of nut will feed the brain and the fats will help you feel full
  • Greek Yogurt
  • A few squares of dark chocolate – will keep your brain happy as it helps create the feel good chemicals
  • Apple and Peanut Butter (or any Nut Butter)
  • Fruit Smoothie – Fresh berries, almond or coconut milk with some flax-seed – (add a scoop of vegan protein powder) to create a meal on the go.
  • Fresh fruit berry cup – top with a little Greek yogurt, shredded coconut, nuts or Granola
  • Veggies and Hummus

Get creative, mix and match for nutritious, delicious snacks and meals 

Choosing a Healthy Diet – can help all aspects of your health, including helping manage your weight, reducing risk factors for diseases, and boost your immune system. But your new way or eating will promote a healthy mind as you age. It will help you think more clearly, reduce stress, anxiety and your outlook on life. brain and mental focus.

Other Tips for Brain Health  

chocloate and foods for brain health

There are some things we cannot avoid but our goal is to do everything we can to improve our health and well-being and that includes our brain for a healthy mind. 

Treat Yourself –  Want an extra cup of coffee, eat a piece of rich dark chocolate, you’ll eat less and enjoy the treat.

Eat breakfast – Breakfast feeds the body and mind and sets the tone for your day. Try steel-cut oats, and fresh fruit. Filling and nutritious. People who eat breakfast have been shown to improve concentration, maintain a healthier weight. 
Reduce the Sugar –  Find recipes using Stevia and natural sweeteners, avoid refined sugar and chemically made sugar substitutes.

Drink Water. Since we are mostly made of water the body and brain requires at least 8 glasses a day, drink fruit infused water, herbal teas and green tea.

Exercise – Give your brain a rest, while you exercise you are focusing on the physical, leaving no room for the mind to wander on stress and worry.

Meditation – Meditation allows the mind to clear, de-clutter, re-balance and rest. Meditation is the perfect preventative measure;  improve physical health, promote mental wellness, heal illness to name a few benefits. Many countries integrate meditation into their daily life. It makes sense to prevent not fix the damage. 

Yoga – There are any forms of yoga, my take on it is that it relaxes my mind just as meditation, brings deep oxygen into my body and mind while I get an amazing work out. Yoga is for everyone, whether laying in a bed, a chair or fully mobile. Yoga can be adjusted for anyone’s physical ability.


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