How Anger Affects Mind Health Can Meditation Help

Meditation to Calm Anger for Better Mind Health

Meditation to Calm Anger for Better Mind HealthRemember the last time you felt anger, how it you felt in your body and your mind. It can be a scary experience, suddenly anger spills out eyes turn red, feeling like your head is going to explode, tension rises, your face may go red as your blood pressure  rises. It’s not a good feeling, and you may not even be aware at the time.

We may all feel anger at times and rightfully so in bit how does that anger affect mind health. Anger brings about physical change, we can clearly see and often hear that it what we can’t see is what is happening in the mind. Holding in anger is not healthy but learning how to manage what causes the anger and how we express it is really important.

What is Anger and How It Affects the Mind

Basically, someone gets angry anger when they are exposed to something it perceives as threatening and reacts; often anger is a result of hurt. A person, possession, or belief may appear to be threatened and though we may not know exactly what it is in the anger may erupt and as a result physical changes occur as well it affects the mind health or the person who is angry and often at the person the anger is projected at, often one isn’t aware on a conscious level, but our body alerts us to this perceived danger and reacts in an attempt to stop the perceived threat or in retaliation.

If you find it difficult to name what you are feeling, it helps to pay attention to what is happening in the body. The purpose of the anger is to help humans to survive. It’s called the fight or flight response, it was especially important as we foraged and were hunters and gatherers, we still use it now to ward off danger. But sometimes the anger is a build up of held in emotions. Since we are taught from a young age not to express what we feel, so we may hold things in until they build up and something small can tip us of balance and the anger is released. But how does anger affect our mind health?

Some of the Symptoms of Anger Include:

Rapid heartbeat, upset stomach, muscle tension, red flushed face, shortness of breath, sweating, these are the physical but as this happens in the body what happens in the mind, and since we are a whole being, all is connected. When we experience physical changes, hormones pump through the body, the heart rate quickens, adrenaline levels increase and blood and oxygen drain from the brain into to serve the larger muscles in preparation to flee or fight.

The complete reaction can make us feel ill and can take time to recover; we may feel shaky and sweaty for sometime after the event that caused the anger and our mind may keep repeating the event. It may even become hard-wired and angry feeling may build up and become triggered more easily. The mind may become foggy and even go blank in a state of anger, which can be very damaging as a result. It’s not that we should express anger because it is a natural response, but can we find a way to keep our mind and bodies relaxed so we can cope better before the build up and release of anger or calm ourselves if we have felt anger to help repair the mind and body quicker. So what can we do help express and cope with anger?

Meditation for Anger and Mind Health

Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind, anger can cause damage and meditation be the perfect solution to help us to be calm enough, confident and free enough to express ourselves. Or if we find anger is an issue it will help mind health even repair damage caused to the mind. Balancing physical and emotional health is essential, spending a few minutes a day with guided meditation or listening to meditation music will help with our response to pain, frustration and what causes anger. Meditation will help prepare you for coping better with life on a daily basis, whether it is work situations, commuting to work and the stresses that build up and cause emotional strain.

Taking care of you mind is part of a holistic approach to health and while the body will reap the benefits the mind will thank you as well as those you make come into contact with. Calm your life, improve your health  and rejuvenate your mind with meditation.

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