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Do you suffer with brain fog?  Do you want to maintain your memory and improve your mental wellness?  Most of us want to still have a healthy brain well into our senior years and hopefully throughout the rest of our life.  Some positive news is that your brain can continue to develop new paths, and you can keep learning new things into your later years.

Maintain a healthy brainWhile Alzheimer’s is on the rise there is some good news if you are prepared to take responsibility for your own brain health.  Even when we are older our brains still have the ability to regenerate and build new brain cells. We can still learn new things.  We don’t have become mentally inept, slow and uninteresting just because we get old. Some people are as sharp as a tack throughout their life. They are intelligent, have an active brain good memory and have wonderful stories to share. Brain exercise is a key component of maintaining your brain power. Just look at Warren Buffet in his 80’s still a money mogul and there are numerous people like him in various fields of business and entertainment etc.

Beliefs About Aging And Memory Loss

Our own beliefs about aging and memory loss often causes us to put limits on ourselves that can hold us back, but it doesn’t have to be this way.   Like any other muscle in your body you need to use your brain to maintain it, just like the saying goes ‘you use it or you lose it’.

When you are learning something new to you, your brain is getting a workout. Finding things that challenge your brain will help keep that grey matter intact.

How many times have you said I’m having a senior moment? It’s natural that as we age we get a bit paranoid about our memory. If we can’t remember a person’s name or phone number we start to worry if this is the beginning of our mental decline. But in all honesty we can all have a memory lapse at any age.  Forgetfulness can also depend on what’s going on in your life, how much you have on your mind.  When you are worried and anxious about something it’s more difficult to focus, therefore more difficult to recall something.

 Avoid Brain Destroying Diseases.

There’s proof that Alzheimer’s and dementia is on the increase.  Two reasons for this is that the population is living longer and that we are living in a more toxic environment.  The way things are right now this disease will continue to increase.  Alzheimer’s is a real fear for many people as they age, especially with it being the 6th leading cause of death in the US.  But before you go running to your doctor looking for a cure to a poor memory, there is no miracle drug for this disease.  So, you need to think again!  Think more about the prevention and reversing of Alzheimer.  Have less senior moments using safe effective methods ,using home remedies and a common sense proactive approach to your own mental health.

The key is to not let your brain function decrease.  Don’t let it become more than just a senior moment or brain fog.  Start taking responsibility and action to maintain your own memory function. With healthy foods and the correct brain nutrients you can improve your memory and thought process. Remember  that crucial brain cells can be lost when you consume unhealthy foods and drinks

Beware Of The Toxins In Your Environment

Exposure to every day toxins takes its toll on your brain.  Taking antacids, using  antiperspirant, drinking  soda out of a can are all really bad for your brain as well as your general health. A lot of products we ingest, including some medications, and vaccine’s contain aluminum and mercury which are toxins that affect the brains function. Also lead is found in many products which causes memory loss.  These  toxic metals cause the brain to age.  The thinking portion of your brain starts to shrink after age 60.  Diabetes, smoking, and being overweight among other things can be detrimental to our mental health.

Things That You Can Do To Improve Memory.

There are natural ways to keep your brain healthy and active without medication.  Focus on using preventable ways to stop memory loss by making sure that your brain has everything it needs to function normally. Start by switching to the right brain foods for optimum brain function. Fish, such as salmon, omega 3 fatty acids are a good source, while at the same time avoiding certain foods like potato chips, donuts, fast foods and ice cream are some simple changes that you can make.  For chocolate lovers the good news is you don’t have to give it up, but limit it to 1 oz a day. Dark chocolate and cocoa is the better choice.

Meditation is wonderful, it comes in various forms.  Healing meditation can help with so many health aspects including improving your breathing and mental state. There are a number of  meditation techniques available.  Some people do have difficulty when they first start meditating.  When you a new to the process it’s easy to question if you’ll ever be able to do it because the mind takes time to quieten down and be still. When fist starting most people want to know how to meditate properly, ideally finding meditation for beginners is a good place to start.  Whichever you choose it does come with practice.  Some people find it very helpful to use some form of guided meditation, some of the options have beautiful music and visuals. There are even interactive meditation programs that are great for everyone regardless of age.It can lower stress levels, anxiety, help with depression and so much more.

Memory boosting supplements and natural herbs are also available to support the brain as well as help lower stress  and anxiety.  There are a number of other key tips to help you improve your brain besides those that  we have mentioned here. The brain health and memory kit has some great information and simple changes that can easily be incorporated into your daily life.  Focus on saving your brain and improving your memory so that you can continue to be independent and live a full healthy lifestyle.


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